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Asumi Kominami (小美浪 あすみ, Kominami Asumi?) is one of the main heroines of the We Never Learn manga series. She is the daughter of Soujiro Kominami and Kasumi Kominami who works as a waitress.


Asumi is a petite girl with lilac hair that is tied in small twin pigtails with bangs hanging over her face and gray eyes.

When she is working in High Stage, she wears a maid uniform and introduces herself as "Fairy Maid A-shi-yu-mi-i". On other occasions, she wears a dress or a long skirt.


Asumi likes to tease Nariyuki Yuiga just for fun, although her jokes are usually harmless.

She will do anything that she can to pretend that she and Nariyuki love each other after Asumi lies to Soujiro Kominami that Nariyuki is her boyfriend.

She hates to be referred to as a "repeater"/Rōnin or mistaken as a middle schooler.



  • Asumi's surname Kominami means "small" (小) (ko), "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "wave" (浪) (nami).




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