Asumi has a multitude of friendly relationships whether they're new or old.

Nariyuki Yuiga

Don't you... want to know... my..real feelings?

—Asumi Kominami

When Asumi met Nariyuki she thought nothing of him. Until Nariyuki stumbled upon her part-time job as a maid in a maid cafe. Asumi then started to tease him from thereon. Asumi and Nariyuki told a lie to her father saying that they were a couple. However, due to Asumi's teasing, there isn't a clear answer about her feelings towards Nariyuki. [1]

In Question 110 she kissed him in cheek.

She sometimes helps Nariyuki and Nariyuki, in turn, helps her with her studies, specifically in science.

It is hinted by their teacher that Kominami has some affection for Nariyuki as in Question 144, she queries whether or not Kominami would be true to her hearts regarding Nariyuki, to which she blushed and deflected the question back at Mafuyu.

Mafuyu Kirisu

Asumi has conflicts with Mafuyu on academics.

Mafuyu does not want her to study medicine because she failed an admission test at a medical university. However, she claims that she has already graduated, so Mafuyu's teaching does not have an effect.

The personal relationship is not too bad, she sometimes meets Mafuyu after studying.

Rizu Ogata

She met Rizu in Nariyuki and her's summer cram school.

Uruka Takemoto

She met Uruka in Nariyuki and her's summer cram school.

Fumino Furuhashi

She met Fumino in Nariyuki and her's summer cram school.


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