YaruToYare YaruToYare 27 September 2018

Wiki now up for adoption

For more information: head to the main Wikia Community site.

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AratashiKun AratashiKun 10 February 2018


Hello, AratashiKun here. I've been spending a lot of time to the wikis' and subreddits that I run. And I need a break for myself and my school work. I hope to see some contributions from some new faces once I return from this hiatus that has an unknown return date as of now.

Thanks for reading

RinAratashi (talk) 12:14, February 10, 2018 (UTC)

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AratashiKun AratashiKun 7 January 2018

Pages suited for updates/Pages that are up for creation

Hello, AratashiKun here. The following contains a list of both pages suited for updates and pages up for creation.

  • Nariyuki Yuiga
  • Rizu Ogata
  • Fumino Furuhashi
  • Uruka Takemoto
  • List of Volumes
  • We Never Learn! Volume 2
  • Sawako Sekijou
  • Mafuyu Kirisu
  • Mizuki Yuiga
  • Headmaster
  • We Never Learn! Volume 3
  • We Never Learn! Volume 4
  • List of Volumes
  • We Never Learn! Volume 5
  • Headmaster
  • Asumi Kominami
  • Miharu Kirisu
  • Weekly Shōnen Jump
  • Unnamed Prep School
  • Nanao Municipal Middle School
  • Ogata Udon
  • Yuiga Residence
  • Unnamed Park
  • Kashima
  • Furuhashi Residence

  • Hazuki Yuiga
  • Kazuki Yuiga
  • Nariyuki's Dad
  • Hanae Yuiga
  • Rizu's Dad
  • Fumino's Mom
  • Uruka's Mom
  • Asumi's Dad
  • Oomori Kanade
  • Kobayashi
  • Kawase
  • Umihara
  • Yamaoka
  • Satou
  • Suzuki
  • Inomori
  • Chono

Any additions to this list will be written in the comments or posted above in futu…

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AratashiKun AratashiKun 4 January 2018

Welcome Post

Hello, AratashiKun here. I'm the founder of the wiki fandom for "We Never Learn!". The wiki is only just beginning so, all contributions are welcome. Any interested in becoming an administrator or moderator can message me for more information. 

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