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A Genius Secretly Responds with [X] to Their Conjectures (人知れず天才は彼らの忖度に[X]する, Hitoshirezu Tensai wa Karera no Sontaku ni [X] suru?) is the twentieth episode of the We Never Learn anime series.


Nariyuki and Sawako invite Rizu to an upcoming Open Campus at Yuzuhura University and she agrees to attend. That night, however, Rizu has trouble sleeping.

The following day, Rizu waits for her friends to arrive. Hiding in close proximity, Sawako hides in some bushes to allow Nariyuki to enjoy the day with her and sends her a text saying that she has a stomachache. However, Nariyuki sent her the same text, and it's revealed that Nariyuki was hiding closeby in the same bush as well. With Rizu unfazed that Nariyuki and Sawako were both able to overcome their "stomachaches", Nariyuki allows Rizu and Sawada to a mathematics lecture. During it, Rizu dozes off making the professor upset and makes her solve a math equation. She does so which astoundingly impresses the professor and demands that she join his math department. Rizu to his astonishment declines as she's interested in psychology more so than math and goes off to attend the lecture for it with Nariyuki.

Rizu attentively listens to everything in the lecture. The lecture gets hairy when the professor mentions memorable moments tend to have lasting impacts on the mind, like first kisses. They then recall when they both accidentally kissed each other at the mountain. After the lecture, Nariyuki chases after a recalcitrant Sawako, leaving Rizu behind. She's then, however, invited over to a BBQ where she gets drunk on the alcoholic fumes from the drinks of the party-goers. Later that day, Nariyuki and Sawada carry Rizu home shoulder to shoulder and regret their misbehavior towards her that day. Placing Rizu on a bench, she awakens and scolds the two for abandoning her. Nariyuki sincerely apologizes and also a drunk Sawako tries to redeem herself by stripping.

Rizu and Nariyuki meet Asumi and her co-worker Machiko promoting a new event at High Stage. The event involves if you beat a maid in a board game you win a free meal. In an attempt to coax the students to join in, Machiko admits they're understaffed for the event. As it turns out, Rizu is a board game fanatic and the games they have are considered national treasures in the board game world. It's revealed that Machiko owns the games and is willing to part ways with one of them if Rizu fills in for the event. At High Stage, Rizu is fitted into a maid outfit and once the event starts, she's the most popular maid there. Nevertheless, Rizu's horrible luck with board game plays is projected to make the cafe go bankrupt. So to counteract a potential bankruptcy of the cafe, Asumi plays too, and Nariyuki chimes in to give her tips allowing her to win her first game.

At the end of the day, Rizu is content with the game given to her by Machiko. Although filled with newfound confidence with her board gaming skills, she overhears that Asumi and Nariyuki helped her to win her games by cheating. This leaves Rizu feeling dejected.

Afterward at a family restaurant, the two study together, and although she's over the maid even incident, Rizu forgives Nariyuki. She also proclaims she still aims to become a psychologist and accidentally calls Nariyuki "master" causing a minor scene.


Differences from the Manga