A Genius Resonates Emotionally with [X] (天才は[X]にも心通ずるものと知る, Tensai wa [X] ni mo kokoro tsūzuru mono to shiru?) is the third episode of the We Never Learn anime series.


The results of Nariyuki’s tutoring are about to be put to the test during the upcoming midterms. If the girls don’t score above the average, Nariyuki could be replaced… Determined to keep Nariyuki as their tutor, they study even harder for the exams. Rizu asks Nariyuki to come to Ogata Udon, the restaurant run by Rizu’s family, so that Nariyuki could still tutor her, even if she cannot leave her post at the restaurant. Rizu soon finds herself blushing, as Nariyuki kindly encourages her, despite how anxious she has been feeling. But on the day of the exams, Rizu is plagued by an unexpected problem.



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