What She Wants from a Genius Is [X] (彼女が天才に望むもの即ち[X]である, Kanojo ga tensai ni nozomu mono sunawachi [X] dearu?) is the fourth episode of the We Never Learn anime series.


Fumino decides to go on a diet after realizing her sudden weight gain. Uruka is always offering her snacks and Rizu always brings udon noodles to share. These are all temptations for Fumino at school. Nariyuki becomes worried seeing Fumino starve herself, so Fumino asks him to “feel her stomach and see” for himself how much weight she’d gained. Meanwhile, a female student in a white gown shows up in front of Rizu when she’s studying alone. It’s Sawako Sekijou, Rizu’s self-proclaimed rival. Sawako is convinced that the reason Rizu has decided to pursue humanities is because she’s in love with Nariyuki and she takes it even further by trying to uncover Rizu’s feelings.



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