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Thus, [X] Geniuses Never Learn (天才[X]たちは、かくして勉強ができない, Tensai [X] tachi wa kakushite benkyō ga dekinai?) is the sixth episode of the We Never Learn anime series.


Nariyuki is summoned by Mafuyu, the girls’ former tutor, who interrogates him about his kiss with Rizu during the camp. While waiting outside the door, Fumino becomes worried when she hears snippets of the conversation, including the words “impure ulterior motives.” Fumino and Rizu take turns defending Nariyuki. Several days after Nariyuki’s meeting with Mafuyu, Uruka finds out that Nariyuki has kissed someone. Uruka gets upset and decides to confide in Fumino, though she claims that she is asking for advice for a friend.