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Fumino Furuhashi (古橋文乃, Furuhashi Fumino?) is one of the main heroines of the We Never Learn series. She is a third-year student and a genius in the fields of arts and literature. Despite her mediocre skills in mathematics, Fumino wishes to pursue a degree in astronomy in order to search for a certain star, which she believes is the reincarnation of her late mother. Her father is a university mathematics professor. Fumino has had a strained relationship with her father ever since her mother's death ten years prior. However, with Nariyuki Yuiga's support, they are finally able to reconcile. She often acts as Nariyuki's confidant whenever he encounters girl troubles.


Fumino is a tall and slender girl with a silky blue waist-length hair (dark blue in comic, bright blue in anime) that has bangs swept to the right with a white headband inside of it. She also has brown eyes and her beauty is undeniable as she is titled as one of the prettiest girls in Ichinose Academy.

Her hairstyles vary on occasions, sometimes tied as a ponytail (single or twin) or chignon.

She wears a blue sweater at school.


Fumino is a silent girl who seldom talks to classmates except for very few close friends. Nariyuki Yuiga is the only male friend once she recognized him as "teacher".

She sometimes falls asleep in classes, which is noticed by Nariyuki in Question 1 and is later warned by Mafuyu Kirisu in Question 56.

Because of pain caused by Reiji Furuhashi (Fumino's father) during her childhood, it developed a fear of aggressive men. This is noticed in the early chapters and the only exception to is Nariyuki.

She is highly influenced by Shizuru Furuhashi (Fumino's mother) and she is determined to attain astronomy in a university. She gets excited when Nariyuki talks about zodiacs.

She is emotional and very sensitive to feelings and does not want to hurt Rizu Ogata and Uruka Takemoto despite her having positive feelings for Nariyuki. She sometimes acts as Nariyuki's consultant in love issues.

She is reluctant to participate in class drama as she is always assigned to portray the heroine, say Sleeping Beauty in Question 64.


Fumino is one of the female protagonists who is a genius in the field of literature and arts, but panics over the slightest mathematics questions. The only daughter of college math professors, Fumino seeks to emulate Shizuru Furuhashi (Fumino's late mother). Since her mother died years ago, Reiji Furuhashi (Fumino's father) was grossly negligent with her. The only way Fumino can think of communicating with him is to leave notes on the table and hopes that he finds them, Nariyuki Yuiga draws attention to the fact that he cares more about his math program than with the help of his daughter. Her father also discourages her, saying that she has no hope of success in a scientific field. Because she's very emotional and in the incident that destroyed her relationship, her father once slapped her in the face by comparing herself to his genial mother.


  • The name Fumino means "sentence" (文) (fumi) and "from" (乃) (no).
  • Fumino's surname Furuhashi means "old" (古) (furu) and "bridge" (橋) (hashi).



  • Fumino has a beauty mark under her left eye which also symbolizes good fortune in the love life.
  • Fumino is left-handed.
  • Fumino is conscious about her chest.
  • Fumino loves sweet foods who sometimes spends much on desserts and sweets.
  • Fumino also loves spicy foods.
  • If Fumino sleeps during a class or in a bed, she always has a nanny while she sleeps.
  • Fumino is known as "Sleeping Beauty of the Literary Forest".
  • Fumino calls Nariyuki Yuiga "Yuiga-kun" in early chapters and her then "Nariyuki-kun" in recent chapters.
  • Fumino sometimes uses overtly verbose language when she's nervous.
  • Fumino manages to recite the story Rashōmon word for word while sleeping, scaring Sawako Sekijou in the process.
  • Fumino can remember almost all zodiacs.
  • Fumino is very bad at cooking, and poor in housework.
  • Fumino's family is quite rich compared to other main characters.
  • Fumino is admired by her classmates, members of secret fan club "Thorns' Club". The leader is Kashima, and Inomori and Chono are core members.
  • Twin tail is one of most common hairstyles, but it is omitted and replaced by straight hair in anime series and the ponytail is kept in the anime series.
  • Fumino is conscious about her weight.
  • Fumino's birthday is not revealed on manga, only mentioning her birthday is within October and her zodiac sign is Libra. Taishi Tsutsui announced her birthday on Twitter instead.[1]
  • Fumino stated that Nariyuki is like a younger brother to her.
  • Fumino's appearance may ressemble Orie Ballardiae from Under Night In-Birth.



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