Headmaster (Gakuenshō, 学園長) is a supporting character and the headmaster of Ichinose Academy.


The Headmaster appears as a middle-aged man. He is shown to wear formal attire for an administrator of a school.


The Headmaster is serious and seems to be tough-minded.

He is very concerned about school's honor, as Fumino told to Nariyuki.

He is also concerned about Nariyuki's progress on tutoring. He is satisfactory for Nariyuki's progress when the heroines meet requirements.


The Headmaster appointed Nariyuki Yuiga for tutoring Rizu Ogata and Fumino Furuhashi to help them to attain their favorite universities in Question 1. He appointed Nariyuki for tutoring Uruka Takemoto in Question 4.

He once considered removing the tutorship if Nariyuki fails to help Rizu and Fumino to reach scores to above average in Question 8.

He ordered Nariyuki to attend summer course of Saegusa Seminar (三枝ゼミナール) in Question 31 because Rizu failed in Japanese in 1st term test, and ordered Rizu, Fumino and Uruka to attend summer course later.

He agreed to remove VIP nomination in Question 97 per Nariyuki's preference.



  • His name is never revealed in the series.
  • One of operators of preparatory school Saegusa Seminar is his friend. He ordered Nariyuki to attend summer course by exempting tuition fees.



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