Ichinose Academy (Ichinose Gakuen, 一ノ瀬学園) is the high school where Nariyuki and the others to go.


Ichinose Academy is the main venue of the We Never Learn series.

The school has a main hall, sports field and swimming pool.

Various academic and sports societies are available. The swimming team, soccer team, and science club are known.

Nariyuki, Rizu, Fumino and Uruka study in a group in library.

A special VIP nomination is provided for elite students to enroll in the affiliated university (later known as Ichinose University) with a complete exemption on tuition fees.


  • Main building
    • Classrooms
    • Headmaster's office
    • Teachers' office
    • Library
    • Student counseling room
    • Medical room
    • Science laboratories
    • Function rooms
  • Main hall
    • Theater
    • Basketball court
  • Sports field
    • Running track
    • Baseball court
    • Tennis court
  • Indoor swimming pool


Academy Staff




  • A giant tree is grown in the garden, some couples date there.
  • There are several myths in Ichinose Academy.
  • The full Japanese name is "県立一ノ瀬学園" shown on manga[1], indicated it is a public school, operated by a prefecture government. However, the gift card of Volume 11 showed Ichinose Academy is a private school.[2]




  1. See Question 148.
  2. The title of the headmaster is "私立一ノ瀬学園 高等学校 学園長" on gift card


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