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Mafuyu Kirisu (桐須真冬 Kirisu Mafuyu?) is a teacher in Ichinose Academy, as student counselor and one of the previous tutors for Rizu and Fumino.


Mafuyu is a woman in her mid-20's who has pink hair and green eyes. Due to her previous years competing as an aspiring professional figure skater, she has a slender but built figure from many years of training. She is one of the bustier characters in the series, only rivaled by Rizu Ogata and Uruka Takemoto

She wears a suit with black stockings and dark red high heels at school, often takes textbooks (mainly world history) or students' profiles. When she isn't at Ichinose Academy, Mafuyu wears a tracksuit in the comfort of her apartment. 

She is considered to be a beautiful person, admired by male colleagues and students alike. However, due to her cold and frank personality, she is often seen as unsociable among her colleagues and overly strict with her students.


Mafuyu is a messy person and often needs to have her room cleaned. She is also very clumsy, often committing "blunders" that put her in undesirable situations and oftentimes hurting herself in the process.

She thinks that people should follow their talent and that they shouldn't be swayed by emotions, which put her in conflict with Nariyuki Yuiga in the series-opening chapters.



  • Her name is revealed in Question 16.
  • Her favorite sport is figure skating, winning dozens of awards in high school.
  • She is an alumnus of Ichinose Academy, revealing that she was taught by Nariyuki's father.
  • She has a strong fear for cockroaches.
  • She lives in an apartment unit alone.
  • She is appalling in housework, including cleaning and cooking.
  • Relationships between her and family members are not good, although she is admired by her younger sister, Miharu.
  • She often starts dialogues with 2-character phrases.
  • She can drive, much to the horror of Nariyuki who finds himself getting a ride from her from time to time.
  • She is appeared in the opening shot of Episode 1, which is original in anime series. She is officially appeared in the opening of Episode 3.



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