The Midterms Arc is the 2nd story arc in the We Never Learn manga series.


Midterm Period

Visiting headmaster's office, Nariyuki Yuiga reported the progress of his tutor group to Headmaster, who asked him to show the results of those girls. He implied that giving up is the best if they didn't show result on the midterm.

Realizing the difficulty ahead, Nariyuki left the office. The girls (Rizu Ogata and Fumino Furuhashi) heard the conversation between headmaster and Mafuyu Kirisu, who coldly blamed Nariyuki for his blindness on supporting both the girls even if they didn't have talents.

Realizing the importance of mid-term exam, both Furuhashi and Rizu determined to get enough score to show their result. After school, Rizu invited Nariyuki to her home to continue tutoring her in literature.

At Rizu's home, her dad who at first seemed happy and welcoming, turned out to be overprotective of her daughter and even threatened Nariyuki. After calming her dad, Rizu began to ask Nariyuki to tutor her. Sseing her determination, Nariyuki gave her a technique that she could use to pass the test. Scared of the result, Rizu asked what he would do if she failed and Nariyuki, while smiling told her that they would just have to try again.

The next day, although it turned out that the exam was full of surprise questions, Rizu full of determination of not wanting to lose her tutor group, used the technique that Nariyuki taught her and got higher than average score. In the end, it was revealed that actually, Rizu just randomly filled in random answer. Unfortunately, it turned out that Furuhashi had gotten sick.

Furuhashi, who was studying for the test, managed to do better than her usual self in math. But, because of not wanting to lose her tutor group, she began to study even harder until late night. In the morning, it turned out she had gotten sick. Realizing that her condition was so important, Uruka suggested that they visited her to nurse her.

After school, Nariyuki who visited her house, entered her room, not realizing that Uruka was on the process of wiping Furuhashi's sweat, which caused Uruka to hit her. Realizing that there were many ingredients that Nariyuki had brought, Uruka begin to cook porridge, impressing Nariyuki with her skill. After complimenting her as a newly wedded wife, Uruka was embrassed and denied his statement.

After nursing her, Nariyuki saw that she managed to do most of the next tests' problems, with Furuhashi attributed it because of Nariyuki's tips. After hearing that, Nariyuki began to be embrassed because Fumino's shirt was transparent.

In the end, both Furuhashi and Rizu managed to get higher than average score. Kirisu commented that rising genius as normal people was a foolish decision. After that, the tutor group began to celebrate their success, but it turned out that Nariyuki became sick.

Maiden Uruka

Having realized that Uruka hadn't confessed to Nariyuki since middle school, his fellow swimming club friends (Kawase and Umihara Chinami) began to plan on how to make the two of them closer.

After school, Kawase and Umihara brought Uruka to a boutique to buy a new dress. After seeing Uruka's appearance on the dress, they told her to meet Nariyuki, who coincidentally was in the boutique to look for reference for her sister's clothes. Realizing that this was a good chance, the two of them persuaded Nariyuki to accompany Uruka to buy English reference book.

After buying the clothes, Nariyuki looked for reference book seriously while Uruka was self-conscious of her dress, considering in the past, she was regarded as tomboy and dress didn't suit her. After finished buying the book, they saw a toy which Hazuki (Nariyuki's sister) wanted. Realizing this was couple only event, Uruka suggested they pretented to be lover and entered the contest.

Surprisingly, it was a princess-carry contest. Nariyuki had begun to give up after a while because his arms were at their limit. But, misunderstanding that Uruka was embrassed to the point of crying, he refused to lose and managed to hold out until they became the winner (although Uruka was embrassed that Nariyuki might think that she was heavy).

After winning the contest, Uruka asked if she looked like princess. Before he answered, Uruka took back the question and went home immediately. Uruka told the story to her friends, on which her friends complimented that "princess-carrying" is the top three of the things girl wanted to do.

Weight Is The Retribution of Genius

After Showering, Furuhashi realized that she had gained weight. The next day, while wondering why she had gained weight, she ate the snack given by Uruka and Rizu. Realizing that this was why she gained weight, she decided to stop snacking.

But, after few days, the tutor group began to bring many food from their home and tempted Furuhashi more and more. After five days, hungry Furuhashi was asked why her condition wasn't looking good by Nariyuki. After hearing the reason, Nariyuki gave a candy to her, on which she denied. Trying to convince her that she was not that fat, Furuhashi asked her to examine her belly. After being conscious about the act he had done, Nariyuki commented that it was terrific, on which Furuhashi interpreted as fat.

On the way home, stressed Furuhashi was consoled by Nariyuki. Realizing that it didn't work, Nariyuki thought if he could complimented her as cute to make her better, but realized immediately that it would make him look like a creep. Although he doubted the method, he decided to tell Furuhashi she was cute before Furuhashi interrupted to buy some snacks for mid-night study. Angry Nariyuki immediately told her about the truth, that it was the mid-night snack that caused her fatness. In the end, Furuhashi's weight returned to normal.

She Wished Something From The Genius

Hearing that Rizu would apply for literature major, her self-proclaimed rival, Sawako Sekijou prohibited her from entering humanity (although Rizu didn't even know her name). Using the photo of her and Nariyuki, Sawako thought that "boyfriend" Nariyuki was the cause of it. After explaining to her in a very logical way that Nariyuki was not her boyfriend, Rizu was leaving telling her that she would meet Nariyuki after this. Not believing that she didn't have any relationship with Nariyuki, Sawako decided to go with Rizu.

In Rizu's house (which is an Udon shop) Nariyuki and Rizu was studying while Sawako was eating on the same table. Feeling the need to investigate further, Sawako began to flirt with Nariyuki by asking his type of girl, if he wanted to go to the same university as his girlfriend, first date venue, how many kids did he want. Realizing that Nariyuki was too dense, she began to use personal contact with him. Nariyuki, who began to realize that he was being hit on, was shocked about the personal contact. Angry Rizu finally shoo them away from her house.

After Nariyuki explained to her about him being her tutor, Sawako realized that going to humanity was her choice. Nariyuki complimented her for caring for Rizu although they were rival. Miwako told him that she could not enter the same university otherwise. Nariyuki then told her that if she wanted to be her friend, she should just tell her, on which Miwako denied.

After finishing her assignment, Rizu asked Nariyuki to grade it, in which she got 48. Although she was complimented by Nariyuki, Miwako saw that it was not something to be proud of, but respected her for working that hard and regretting the fact that she told her that she entered humanity for the boy she liked. But, she saw that the expression of embrassed Rizu and her notebook which was full of numbers written during the assignment because she was being shaken by the fact that she flirted with Nariyuki. Miwako realized that Ogata might already have developed feelings with Nariyuki. Nariyuki then invited Miwako to visit them during their tutor time.

The genius of anxiety sometimes has inverse proportions === After being told that today was ball sports tournament, Uruka realized that she didn't wear a bra. Realizing that, she wore jersey to cover her, hoping Nariyuki would not find out. Meanwhile, Nariyuki was playing baseball on which he missed all the balls.

After that, they began to play basketball. Uruka and Nariyuki were on different team. Furuhashi was convinced that they would win considering that they had Uruka on their team. Although at first Uruka played fine, she began to feel conscious about the fact that she didn't wear a bra and began to lose defense.

Realizing that Uruka didn't play as well as she should be, Furuhashi and Rizu approached her to ask her conditions. While denying any speculation about her condition, Nariyuki approached Uruka to see her conditions. After being complimented that playing sport made Uruka lively, she began to played much better, chasing the lost points.

While trying to score a point, Uruka befell Nariyuki. Furuhashi then took the ball and scored a winning score for Uruka's team. Realizing that Uruka didn't wear bra, Nariyuki consoled him, but Uruka got even more embrassed. Realizing that she could have worn a swimsuit, she began to blame herself.

Training Camp

Ichinose High School had a training camp which lasted for 3 days 2 night. After arriving at the venue, Oomori began to complain about the training camp which lack of mixed bath and full of studying. Nariyuki, on the other hand, astonished by udo (mountain asparagus).

Realizing that Rizu was looking at Nariyuki too often, Furuhashi began to question Rizu, on which Rizu didn't realize. While studying, Rizu was becoming more conscious, even when she just wanted to lend Nariyuki eraser. In the end, Nariyuki was lent by Furuhashi and while it dropped, Uruka helped him to pick it up. While trying to buy drink, Nariyuki helped him to get the drink and asked about her study condition, on which Rizu said it was not his business (which is weird, considering Nariyuki is his tutor). Then, panicked Rizu began to run from the training camp site.

Realizing that she was acting very weird, Rizu began to strees and pick a lot of udo for Nariyuki. Sawako, being worried about Rizu's condition, began to ask Nariyuki about Rizu. Realizing that she wasn't back, Nariyuki began to look for her. In the end, Nariyuki found a worried Rizu, finding her because of her playing card. Due to her higher position than Nariyuki, she began to jump from the hill and accidentally kissed him.

The next day, they were punished to clean the bath. But, the kissing incident has made them embrassed and self-aware. Nariyuki though that Rizu was mad at her because she wasn't even looking at him. While cleaning, it turned out that the girls had come to bath, because Rizu didn't put the cleaning sign in the right place.

Panicking that becoming peeping tom might hurt his recommendation, Rizu decided to help him by hiding him on the sauna. Rizu tried to convince them that the spa was hot, so they shouldn't enter (which of course failed). Uruka and Furuhashi asked Rizu to join them to sauna. Luckily, Nariyuki had hidden himself below the sauna chair. Although Uruka had finished, Furuhashi didn't display a sign of finishing her sauna. Finally, Miwako distract Furuhashi by telling her about about a meteor shower. Realizing the situation they were in, Miwako let Nariyuki go, while wondering if he saw her body. While exiting the bath, she met with Uruka, who thought that it was an illusion of Nariyuki.

After managing to escape, Nariyuki was called by Rizu who apologized about the incident. She also emphasized that yesterday's incident was an accidental contact. Although, in the end, Rizu asked if Nariyuki saw anything while he was on sauna.

Thus the predecessor still the geniuses

While chatting about their summer holiday which had came close, Nariyuki was called by Kirisu-sensei, who had a very intimidating aura. Nariyuki was told by the girls that Kirisu-sensei was a very cold person. Kirisu asked Nariyuki his students' condition. Although Nariyuki told her that their grade had gone up and he was doing his best, Kirisu began to doubt it, considering she knew that Nariyuki kissed Rizu.

While hearing about the arguments, Furuhashi heard about illicit sexual conduct and conclude that it was about Nariyuki and her. While she was defending Nariyuki and endorsed him of being good tutor, she also explained to her about him touching her belly, which worsen the condition. She also added about the fact that he nursed her and saw her underwear. Before Nariyuki could explain the incident, Rizu began to defend Nariyuki. While being asked about the illicit sexual conduct, she thought it was about Nariyuki on the girl's bathroom and worsen the situation even more. Finally, even Uruka worsen the situation by defending him on him assaulting her on the pool.

While Nariyuki had given up on hope, Kirisu-sensei decided to let him go, considering that the girls defended him although they were not on good terms with Kirisu. But, she also didn't approve Nariyuki as a tutor, because he supported them wasting their talent because of momentary emotions. Nariyuki then realized that Kirisu was a good teacher because she looked for Rizu, proven by the fact that her hands were full of bug bites and climbing trees. Because of that, she knew about the kissing incident. Nariyuki wanted to tell them about this, on which he was prohibited by Kirisu who thought of that as her duty as teacher.

Nariyuki then commented that she was a pain to deal with. After that, Nariyuki was finally let go by Kirisu. She smiled thinly remembering the fact that she was a nice person. A few days later, Nariyuki met Kirisu-sensei with her casual clothes which astonished him greatly.

Youth is the zeal of geniuses, wheels, and [X]!

Uruka and Nariyuki was seen chasing after something. Uruka then explained how it became like this. Mizuki (Nariyuki's little sister) was gone for four days for club activities. Realizing the big chance, Uruka began to prepare lunch box for Nariyuki, on which her mother commented that she hoped the boy liked it. But, Kobayashi and Oomori had shared their food for Nariyuki, making the lunch box useless.

The next day, Furuhashi and Rizu had shared their snack and udon for Nariyuki, once again, the lunch box was useless. Her two friends, Umihara and Kawase began to wonder why she brought two lunch boxes to school. On the last day, Uruka waited for Nariyuki beside the bread shop, anticipating that he would by his lunch there. But because of shock of meeting Nariyuki, she put the lunch box in a tray which was picked by cleaning staff.

Nariyuki consoled her by saying that it could be gotten tomorrow, on which Uruka commented that it would be useless to get it tomorrow. Realizing the importance of the bag, Nariyuki borrowed Kobayashi's bike and chased the truck. He told her that the face she made wanted him to chase after the truck. After arriving, it looked like the truck had left. Uruka told him that it was fine, thinking that it had made Nariyuki do his best for her. But, fortunately, they found the bag in one of the tray. Then, Uruka gave the lunch for Nariyuki, saying that she had extra by chance.

In the end, Nariyuki ate the lunch box and complimented the lunch box. Uruka even explained all the components of the lunch box which was very healthy for exam students. They even got many attention from people saying that Uruka must have been paying attention. Umihara and Kawase then prompted about the lunch box realizing from the start that it was for Nariyuki.

And thus the [X] geniuses could not study

Having been complimented by the results shown by his students, Nariyuki cheered and smiled happily, before being asked by Kobayashi if he had dated one of his students, which Oomori commented that he would have stolen a kiss from them. Realizing that he had, Nariyuki just stayed silent before Oomori began to burst out and shouted Nariyuki as traitor and had kissed a girl. Hearing those statements, Uruka began to grow anxious. Finally, while being taught English, she began to ask Nariyuki if he had kissed someone (in English). Not denying the fact, Uruka began to cheer for him while leaving for swimming.

In the rooftop, Uruka cried thinking about the kissing and imagining that Nariyuki had a girlfriend. Coincidentally, Furuhashi was there to listen to her problems. Although she was using the analogy of her friend, Furuhashi realized right away that Uruka talked about herself and her crush on Nariyuki. Not knowing anything, Furuhashi began to cheer on Uruka to not give up and trying to become Nariyuki's girlfriend. Then, Rizu approached them. On the rooftop, many boys talked about Nariyuki's girlfriend and even to the extent of him having child with the girl. Shocked Uruka finally ran out of energy and went home. Surprisingly, Furuhashi witnessed that Rizu was also shocked, although it's not too apparent.

The next day, both Rizu and Uruka got a really bad score (2 and 4). While being confused about the result, Nariyuki was called by the headmaster to ask about the incident that had been around the school like he having children.

The Genius and [X] consider each other’s weather conditions.

Anxious Uruka finally get the advice from her friend that she should try to flirt with Nariyuki using her body. Nariyuki, on the other hand was adviced by Furuhashi to be mind of the fact that Uruka was a girl. In the end, the two of them went to home together, but both of them reach to different conclusion. Nariyuki would distance himself to respect and treat her as woman, and Uruka which wanted to decrease the distance between them and flirted with him.

Because of heavy rain, the two of them went to a shrine, in which, they could pray about academic and love success. Nariyuki prayed about his academic and his students' academic, while Uruka prayed about her love life. While waiting for the rain, Uruka tried to flirt with Nariyuki by being defenseless, in which Nariyuki tried his best not to do anything.

Nariyuki told Uruka to not be so defenseless considering she was a woman and she should just show her body to the man she liked, in which Uruka wholeheartedly agree. In the end, Uruka's grade was back to normal which made Nariyuki confused.

In the genius’ blurred world, [x] is fluttering about

Uruka got her glasses broken by her dad. So, she had trouble seeing anything that day. Meanwhile, Nariyuki consulted with Furuhashi about woman's heart. When they finished, Furuhashi was coincidentally hugged by Nariyuki, which was seen by Rizu. Not realizing that she couldn't see, Furuhashi thought that Rizu was angry.

Rizu was glaring at everyone the whole day, which caused people to think that she was in a bad mood. In the class, Rizu was still glaring at the whiteboard, which made Nariyuki realized that she had problems with eyesight, on which he said that she could depend on him. After that, Rizu began to ask for Nariyuki's help to go to library.

Furuhashi, not realizing that fact, was still thinking that Rizu was angry at her. In the end, she pushed Nariyuki towards Rizu so they could hug and repaid her mistake. But, Nariyuki, instead was diving into her breast, making Rizu really angry. Furuhashi tried to explain her reasoning which was flawed because of the fact that she couldn't tell her that Rizu liked Nariyuki. Meanwhile, Uruka was waiting in the library for tutor, which nobody came to.

The forbidden object to connect with the [X] Genius.

Nariyuki finally got a smartphone which was shared with her mom. But, it turned out that he was technically inadept. Uruka then helped him to use the smartphone, and found that a good method of studying is in the bath, on which everyone laughed hearing that.

In the evening, Nariyuki tried to study in bath and found that it was working. He wanted to look for the dictionary app for his homework when he put the keyword on the chat box, which connected to Furuhashi. Furuhashi laughed on the chat box and she realized that both of them were naked which made it awkward. She also remembered the hugging incident which made her embrassed.

After that, he randomly pressed the smartphone and called Rizu. Rizu's dad picked the phone and threatened Yuiga. Rizu immediately picked the phone from her dad and told him she was studying on bathroom. Realizing that she was both naked with Nariyuki, she immediately ended the call.

Finally, Nariyuki used the voice recognition app to look for dictionary, which called Uruka. Uruka was washing herself on the bath. Realizing that he was also on the bath, she began to become nervous. Not realizing that she had pressed the video button, she realized that Nariyuki could see her naked. Panicked Nariyuki then dropped his phone on the bath. In the end, her mom was very angry and needed to fix the phone, while Uruka was too embrassed to see Nariyuki.

The secret area of the predecessor is in a [X] state

While going home, Nariyuki saw a stray chat trapped on the top of tree and tried to help it. Kirisu-sensei came and helped him to catch the cat which resulted an injury because she was tripping on a rock. Then, Nariyuki brough her to the apartment before hearing a loud sound from her apartment.

Then, Nariyuki came to Kirisu's house and saw that she was not wearing her usual classy clothes and just wearing her high school jersey. Kirisu-sensei also helped Nariyuki on his study, on which he commented that it made him understood much more than studying himself.

After studying, seeing that the room is too untidy, Nariyuki took the initiative to help to clean her room, which was misinterpreted by Kirisu. While cleaning, Nariyuki saw a bunch of trophy in the room which displayed a beautiful woman playing figure skating. Not wanting to show them anymore, Kirisu covered the trophy with clothes. Kirisu commented that figure skating was a very short lived sport which was consuming her entire youth. Realizing that it was a mistake to use youth for something fleeting, Kirisu determined to educate students to take the path which would bring the most benefit (including following their talent rather than passion).

Nariyuki, hearing those comments, commented that although it might be true, he would still supported "incapable" people to follow their dream and regretting it together rather than dropping the dream completely. She commented that the two of them were parallel lines.

In the end, Nariyuki went home and asked if it's okay for her to have boy on her room, on which Kirisu didn't even mind at all. After Nariyuki went home, she actually really minded it and regretted what she had done.

[X] is essential in the geniuses’ flower garden.

Rizu invited Sawako to sleep over at her house. Being very happy at that, she agreed without complaint. But, it turned out that it was not just two of them, but also Furuhashi and Uruka. In the night, they started to study when Sawoko realized that none of them could teach each other, resulting to her teaching everyone. Feeling desperate, she called Nariyuki to help her. At first, Nariyuki saw that this place, which was the garden of woman was not suitable to him, but after Sawako reminded her about his debt, he decided to stay which was supported by the other girls (while trying to hide their embrassment).

It turned out that studying with Nariyuki was very efficient and helped a lot, making Sawako impressed with his teaching ability. While taking a break, Rizu's father brought some udon for them not showing any hostility to Nariyuki, which confused him. But after his dish was finished, he saw that there was a warning on the bottom of his dish and threatening him to go home asap.

The girls then talked about who did Nariyuki like, who can be Rizu or Uruka, on which will cause a happiness on one side and disappointment on the other side. Having been studying for a while, they began to sleep, with Miwako stayed until the end and thinking that she would have to support Rizu if she was that serious. But, it turned out that the girls had a very weird sleeping habit that made Miwako streesed out like Rizu moving without stopping and Furuhashi sleep-talking the entire "Rashimon". In the end, she couldn't sleep at all.

The genius boldly denies the [x] rumors

Nariyuki told Furuhashi about him going to Kirisu-sensei's house, which made Furuhashi made and brought her to the sacred tree in their school. There, she pushed him to the tree and told him not to tell anyone else about this incident, not realizing that some people had watched them.

Back in the class, Kashima, Chouno, and Inomori prompted Furuhashi if she had dated Nariyuki in which she immediately denied. But, the rumor had spread among the students and thought that they had kissed together. While trying to explain the misunderstanding, Nariyuki came and told her that it would be just the two of them today, which brought excitement to the trio, then the two of them went to library.

In the library, Furuhashi was still very anxious about the rumour and making many mistakes on calculation. Many spies from the class had followed them to see if Nariyuki was a good man suitable for Furuhashi. Furuhashi also asked if Kirisu-sensei asked him to change Furuhashi's subject on which Nariyuki said yes but not bothering about her advice and continued to tutor her attentively, which made Furuhashi also concentrated.

In the end, her classmates saw that their bond was stronger than boyfriend and girlfriend, and implicitly accepting Nariyuki as future candidate boyfriend for Furuhashi. Furuhashi then told Nariyuki about the rumour which shocked him and apologized. Not knowing what she said, Furuhashi asked Nariyuki if they should dated for real, which was of course taken as joke by Nariyuki. Furuhashi then felt confused about why she said those things.

Uruka's Love Revealed

After being told by her instructor that her time has gotten worse, Uruka began to put extra effort both in studying and club activity. Initially, she managed to go forward and began to get back his performance to the usual level. Kawase commented that Uruka wasn't good at managing her pace, so, she should try to relax and not hurrying the result. Uruka accepted the advice and said that she didn't want to make Nariyuki worried about her, which made her friend teased her.

The next day, Uruka finished lunch with her friends and immediately began to swim. Furuhashi realized that she still left some food which was very unusual for Uruka, considering her gluttony. Nariyuki, who began to worry about her met Uruka at the hallway and saw her passed out. After carrying her to infirmary, she realized that she was exhausted and cheered for the love of hers. Suddenly, Uruka hugged Nariyuki and mentioned his name.

After that, her club friends visited her and Nariyuki had hidden under the bed. Realizing that she had pussed herself too much, they commented that she didn't want her loved one to worry, on which the juniors commented that it was Nariyuki.

After being revealed that Uruka loved Nariyuki, confused Nariyuki became self-conscious and began to act weirdly along the week. When Uruka tried to get close to him, she began to feel embarrassed and avoided her. During the study, Furuhashi told him to accompany Uruka, considering that she was still recovering and it would be better for her to have a boy accompanying her.

Uruka wanted to repay Nariyuki for helping her to the infirmary, which was misinterpreted as something dirty, but actually it was just ramen treat. Being conscious about her, seeing her eat ramen made her sexy and Nariyuki once again embarrassed.

After that, Uruka asked him if he had the kind of "partner" on which Nariyuki replied that he didn't have time for that, so he would focus on his exam. Then, Nariyuki bluntly asked the boy she liked was him, in which Uruka denied, which made Nariyuki relieved, but wondering who she really liked. At her home, Uruka was wondering why she didn't told him the truth, but remembering that Nariyuki should just focus on exam first and worry about love life later, but she still thought that she should just admit it.

The genius's distress in face of [X] as he thinks it over!

Kirisu-sensei was waiting in front of her apartment like waiting for someone. Nariyuki at first just greeted him and ignored her, when she began to show distressed reaction when he began to leave her. In her house, Nariyuki saw that everything had gone back to the state before he had cleaned it. While cleaning the place, Kirisu-sensei said that the bug had appeared, which she was really scared of. Nariyuki tried to catch the bug but failed.

After finished cleaning her house, Nariyuki prepared to go home before being stopped by Kirisu-sensei and she offered to tutor him instead. After studying, Kirisu had ordered dinner for Nariyuki and it turned out that the dinner was from Ogata Udon, which was delivered by Rizu. Shocked Rizu began to eat dinner with them while complimenting her clean room, which annoyed Nariyuki.

The two of them had signalled Nariyuki to opposite direction. Kirisu told him to stay and Rizu told him to go away. Nariyuki then proposed to play card game to make the situation lighter, forgetting the fact that Rizu was very bad at it. In the end, the bug had appeared again which was killed by Rizu easily. Kirisu still told Rizu to give up on literature and study science. But now, realizing that her sensei also had flaw, she began to understand Kirisu more.

For the sake of [X], the genius struggles in forbidden grounds

Nariyuki's mom had fallen sick. As the consequence, Nariyuki substituted her for her part-time which was unexpectedly on the bra shop. Nariyuki was asked to wear rabbit costume as the mascot of the shop. But, unfortunately, the owner's child had a problem on the school, leaving Nariyuki alone.

Customers began to come, which started with Uruka and Rizu. Uruka commented how big Rizu's breasts are, and asked the shop assistant (which was Nariyuki) to help her measure the bra size. Not knowing how to do it, Uruka helped Nariyuki to measure the bra size and the result showed that Rizu's size had grown to F. Uruka also asked the shop assistant which bra would be liked more by his male friend, on which Nariyuki replied the purer one which was biassed.

Next, Kirisu-sensei was having trouble with the bra she wore, feeling afraid that she had broken the bra. She asked the shop assistant to help her remove the bra, on which Nariyuki struggled to do so, which made Kirisu afraid even more. In the end, he managed to remove the bra.

Lastly, Furuhashi came to the shop separately from two of her friends because of her bra size. She asked for bra size A, B, and C hoping that her size might had increased. While she tried out the bra, the owner came back and remove Nariyuki off his costume. When Furuhashi finished, she saw that the shop assistant was Nariyuki and began to curse herself. In the end, Nariyuki shut her mouth by buying her ice cream.

The genius's insatiable search to reach the end of [X]

Having many dreams of her kissing Nariyuki, Rizu began to research about kiss, starting from dictionary, which she couldn't understand at all. Then, she reserved ticket to romance movie in which she planned to ask Nariyuki. Having finished the test in math, Nariyuki who planned to review the exam, saw that his fellow studymates cannot study and left it for tomorrow. Rizu then asked her to go to movie with her.

In the theatre, it turned out that the movie was one of the most romantic movie in the theatre. Having never been to theatre since primary school, Nariyuki enjoyed the movie, but being embarrassed about the kissing scene. At the end of the movie, although Nariyuki enjoyed it very much, Rizu didn't even understand a single thing. They also saw a young girl who cried compassionately towards the movie, which turned out to be Miwako, who planned to invite Rizu to watch with her.

Rizu then told Nariyuki that she would like to understand about kisses, but she couldn't understand it in the end. Nariyuki asked Rizu who was she kissing with in her dream, on which she didn't reply. Nariyuki took the drink Rizu had by mistakes and Rizu realized that it was indirect kiss. Becoming more bold, Rizu finally kissed Nariyuki on the lip.

The next day, Uruka and Furuhashi got a satisfying score in their respective test, but Rizu just barely passed, making Nariyuki tutored him personally. Nariyuki thought that Rizu had gone back to her usual self, not realizing that Rizu began to ask her towards kissing scene. Realizing that it might be him just thinking about it, it turned out that Rizu began to aggressively trying to kiss him, which he finally realized.

Rizu told him that since she was child, she was always persistent to find the answers of things she couldn't understand, which made many people avoided her for his weirdness. Although recognizing that it is indeed weird, Nariyuki praised her that it was some trait he didn't have and it was cool. Nariyuki consoled her that she could tell her anytime but emphasizing that kiss is something that must be treasured by girls like Rizu.

In the end, on the way home, Nariyuki tried to kiss Rizu, but it turned out that he was just trying to remove the cicada from her, which made her annoyed, thinking that he might kiss her.

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