Mizuki Yuiga (唯我 水希 Yuiga Mizuki) is the elder sister of Hazuki Yuiga and Kazuki Yuiga and the younger sister of Nariyuki Yuiga.


As Nariyuki Yuiga's younger sister, Mizuki shares a strong physical resemblance to him, having the same facial features as his (though hers are slightly more feminine). Mizuki's black hair is styled in a way that frames her face at the same time it is tied in a ponytail. Her breasts are much larger than Fumino Furuhashi.

During the week, Mizuki mostly wears a middle school uniform, while at home she wears an apron with printed words.


Mizuki has a serious brother complex who tends to show a slight yandere personality when Nariyuki is around other women such as Fumino.

She mostly prepares housework for Nariyuki Yuiga at home.

She dislikes Rizu Ogata and Fumino Furuhashi since they visited Yuiga's home at first time. However, she admires Uruka Takemoto at swimming team and thinks Uraka is a rival.




  • The name Mizuki means "water" (水) (mizu) and "hope" (希) (ki).
  • Mizuki prepares lunch and dinner for family members.
  • Mizuki is good at housework.
  • Mizuki's aprons are printed in different English messages.
  • Mizuki's school uniform is same as Uruka Takemoto at middle school, which is later revealed to be a student of Nanao Municipal Middle School.
  • Mizuki knows Haruma Kobayashi in childhood, and later Kanade Oomori.
  • Mizuki begins swimming when she met Uruka in childhood, and participates in swimming team where she admires Uruka.
  • She enrolled Ichinose Academy by principal's recommendation on sports in final chapters.



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