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Nariyuki Yuiga (唯我成幸, Yuiga Nariyuki)?) is the main protagonist of the We Never Learn series. He was appointed as a tutor for Fumino Furuhashi, Rizu Ogata and Uruka Takemoto as a condition to get the VIP nomination for getting into a college.


Nariyuki is a young man who appears in the school uniform for most of the series. Nariyuki has brown eyes with black hair. While Nariyuki didn't wear glasses earlier in life, as of junior high he began to wear them.


Nariyuki is shown to be a hardworking student that even though he was not good at studying in the past; following his father's encouragement to become someone who can do everything. It was through hard work and diligence, he was able to achieve a steady grade of 80% on all subjects. Nariyuki is also a caring person, as his ultimate goal for getting a scholarship was to give his family who is poor a better life. Not only that, but he is also caring for his friends whenever they're in any trouble, always helping them out without a single complaint.

He can also be dull and dense as he's oblivious to the romantic feelings the girls have for him throughout the series, especially Rizu Ogata's and Uruka Takemoto's.

He is good at housework as he always helps Mafuyu Kirisu clean her home.


  • "A useless guy should strive to become someone who's useful.' That's what my Dad used to say with a smile on his face. The only one who can understand a useless guy's feelings...is someone who was once useless." - Nariyuki Yuiga, Question 1.[1]
  • "Dad. I'm Home." - Nariyuki Yuiga, Question 1.[2]


  • The name Nariyuki means "become" (成) (nari) and "happiness, good luck" (幸) (yuki).
  • Nariyuki's surname Yuiga means "solely; only" (唯) (yui) and "I, me" (我) (ga).


  • Nariyuki is very poor in sports, never swims.
  • Nariyuki is a big saver and he is quite sensitive to money.
  • Nariyuki's lunch is mostly prepared by his younger sister, Mizuki Yuiga where he ate bread crust when Mizuki went for school outing in Question 17.
  • Nariyuki seems to be normal in cooking and he can cook if he follows recipes.
  • Nariyuki calls all classmates by surnames, except Uruka Takemoto since Question 43.
  • Unlike the heroines, Nariyuki did not have a clear goal for a university until the end of the 2nd term. He does not want to spend money from his mother because he considers education his dream and the money is better to be used for an emergency in the family.
  • Nariyuki is nearsighted and he cannot see well without glasses.



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