Question 1: Genius and [X] Are Two Sides of the Same Coin is the 1st chapter of the We Never Learn manga. It was released in issue #10 of the Weekly Shounen Jump on February 6, 2017.


The chapter begins with Nariyuki Yuiga, A third-year high school student of Ichinose academy. In science class, He going to solve the problem of math in blackboard to show off his teacher but before he goes, the science genius and seat neighbor of Nariyuki in science class, Rizu Ogata, suddenly stand up, go to the blackboard and solve the problem quickly without any work. All the students talking about Rizu Ogata's intelligence and beauty and Nariyuki congrats her but she said that she doesn't want to compete for anyways which Nariyuki was shocked.

In another period of literature class. Nariyuki thinks that if science doesn't work so he will do great in literature which he has a lot of confidence, make the plan of the theme of the essay in a house which its make melt his teacher's heart, while on the other hand, the literature genius and seating neighbor of Nariyuki in literature class, Fumino Furuhashi was sleeping which Nariyuki think that she can't submit the essay work because the essay report have to be submitted in 10 minutes. Suddenly the teacher wake up the Fumino and she shocked and think that what will she do in essay. She start writing the essay quickly just to fill in the blanks at least in page and Nariyuki think about furuhashi that his condition will learn to never doze off during class. After 10 minutes, all the students submitted the essay report.

Major Events

  • Nariyuki Yuiga is appointed the tutor of Rizu Ogata and Fumino Furuhashi, in order to gain VIP recommendation.


New Characters Introduced (As they appear in the order)




  • " 'More than anything, it's important to understand the struggles of others.' My Father always smiled when he said that." - Nariyuki introducing his Father's words of wisdom to others.
  • "My name is...Nariyuki Yuiga. I'm in my last year of high school and I'm the brain." - Nariyuki introducing himself.
  • "Hey, Dad. I'm home" - Nariyuki greeting his deceased father.
  • "You will receive the VIP recommendation...on the condition that you serve as their tutor to get them into their target universities!" - Headmaster declaring that Nariyuki must tutor Rizu and Fumino to receive the VIP recommendation.
  • "Is talent all that matters in this world?! I'm so sick of people deciding my life based on that!" - Rizu lets her feelings be known.
  • "But..we don't want to give up. Thanks for the past week." - Fumino thanking Nariyuki as she walks away.
  • "They really feel strongly...about their choices." - Nariyuki realizing their feelings on their studies.
  • "Daddy, I'm so sad! I worked so hard, and still failed!" - Young Nariyuki in tears telling his father about his test results.
  • "What, you got four points? That's great! Means you've got lots of room for improvement! That's way better than being able to do everything from the start! Listen, Nariyuki...don't forget this frustration. You'll grow up...a person who understands people's struggles. Only those who struggled...can understand the struggles of others." - Nariyuki's Father cheering up his son with great wisdom.
  • "That's a tall order, Dad." - Nariyuki reminiscing on the past.
  • "I used to be a total failure in school. No matter who much I studied, my grades didn't improve. It was awful. So...I know what it feels like to struggle. Even if you're geniuses...if you can't succeed at what you want to...that's gotta hurt. So...I know I can make both of you very happy! So please do it with me!" - Nariyuki sympathizing with Fumino and Rizu.
  • "Th..thank you." - Rizu and Fumino thanking Nariyuki.
  • "And so..this is the curtains of my youth and, with it, a strange story. The story of me, a prodigy, tutoring two geniuses..!" - Nariyuki introducing the true beginning of the story.




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