Question 2: A Genius's Yearning = [X] is the 2nd chapter of the We Never Learn manga series. It was released on February 13, 2017 in issue #11 of the Weekly Shounen Jump.


Major Events

  • Nariyuki finds out why Fumino and Rizu are studying to get into universities that don't suit them at all.






  • " I getting the feeling...that this assignment is going to be even more psychologically stressful than I realized?" - Nariyuki truly becoming aware of his situation.
  • "I love the stars. I've loved them since I was little. On nights when the sky is really clear...I look for my Mother's star." - Fumino revealing love for the stars.
  • "I don't think so. Actually, recently...I've had similar thoughts." - Nariyuki sympathizing with Fumino.
  • "I thought that if I could understand human feelings...just maybe I could learn to win at games. That's why I want to enter a liberal arts school and study psychology!" - Rizu reveals why she wants to study psychology.
  • "Interesting. She seems like a robot at times...but her motives are pretty ordinary. I'm surprised but kinda glad. It's sort of reassuring. - Nariyuki's thoughts on Rizu's reason.
  • "I'm happy to play with you anytime. But you should quit hanging out alone in the park at night. I have a little sister, so I worry stuff like that." - Nariyuki's statement to Rizu about her being safe.
  • "Even if it's now and then, I really appreciate it. Thanks, Yuiga." - Rizu thanking Nariyuki for being able to play with her.




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