Rizu has gained friends and a certain crush since being tutored by Nariyuki.

Nariyuki Yuiga

Rizu knows Nariyuki from when he is appointed to be the tutor of Rizu and Fumino.

She disliked him at first because she thought that he was similar to the previous tutors, forcing her to attain science by talent. She accepted his tutorship when she saw the notes Nariyuki made.

She falls in love with Nariyuki after an accidental kiss with him on Question 14, due to her falling from the mound in the forest.

As she wants to know love with Nariyuki, she starts to learn psychology more seriously, it is noticed that the motivation is significantly different from the beginning.

She calls Nariyuki "Yuiga-san" in early chapters and calls him "Nariyuki-san" after the end of summer vacation.

Fumino Furuhashi

Rizu knows Fumino from the beginning, along with the first tutorship.

They often study together at school, but less close when they are out of school.

She is quite jealous of Fumino because she wants to know other persons' mind as Fumino.

Uruka Takemoto

Rizu knows Uruka from when Uruka was assigned for the tutorship.

They often study together at school, less close when they are out of school.

Sawako Sekijou

Sawako is the rival of Rizu in the beginning, ranking 2nd place, just after Rizu. She is quite indifferent to competing with Sawako.

Sawako admires her very seriously, proclaims herself as the best friend of Rizu, often sneaking photos without Rizu's consent. Rizu dislikes Sawako's overreactions, but accepts her more in recent chapters.

Sawako calls her by her full name.

Mafuyu Kirisu

She has significant conflicts with Mafuyu on academics.

Mafuyu is the first tutor of Rizu and Fumino. Rizu is determined to study psychology, whereas Mafuyu insists talent is the top priority.

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