Saegusa Seminar (三枝ゼミナール) is the preparatory school that Nariyuki and others went during summer vacation.


Saegusa Seminar is a national-wide preparatory school, one of the operators is a friend of Headmaster. The trademark of the school is shown on anime only, has a large letter "S" and title "Saegusa" on the bottom.

Tuition fees are expensive. Asumi Kominami is a full-time student, takes courses on daytime and works in High Stage for tuition fees.

Nariyuki, Rizu, Fumino and Uruka were ordered to attend summer courses. Tuition fee of Nariyuki was exempted by Headmaster as a condition of VIP nomination[1] in summer course. Tuition fees of Rizu, Fumino and Uruka were unknown.

Both arts and science courses are available, more difficult than high school courses. Grades are ranked from A to E on simulated national tests. Maximum score of a subject is 200 in in-school tests. Some students are competitive to obtain high scores, but some are normal, distracted by the heroines.

Nariyuki later attended winter course after he quit VIP nomination, in order to improve scores to attain education university. Tuition fee was paid from his family's savings.

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  1. The reason is Rizu failed in Modern Japanese in 1st term test, omitted in anime.
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