Sawako Sekijou (Sekijou Sawako, 関城紗和子) is the President of the Science Club and self-proclaimed best friend and rival of Rizu. Sekijou is in the same grade as Rizu and the other main characters.


Sekijou has brown long straight hair.[1] She has two distinct bangs and tied her hair on her back, sometimes ponytail or buns. Her eye color is purplish in the manga and reddish-brown in the anime. She is a bit shorter than Nariyuki,[2] has a shapely figure,[3][4] and average weight.

Sekijou wears a white laboratory coat in almost all situations, even when she is at home, going outdoors, or hanging out with friends. She seldom wears casual wear without a white coat.


Sekijou is undisturbed being seen half-naked[5] or when wear revealing pajama by Nariyuki.[6]

Nariyuki comments that Sekijou is a sensitive person, as she is seen crying watching a romantic movie.[7]

She is quite serious in both academics and friendship, especially along with Rizu.


Sekijou is ranked 2nd in her class, just below Rizu.[8] She is excellent in science, especially chemistry. As a Science Club member, she is capable of developing a new type of super glue that lasts for more than 15 hours.

Sekijou is shown to be good at deduction several times during the story, such as realizing Nariyuki's presence in the sauna[9]. Sekijou has good endurance, shown during her staying up until very late during the sleepover.[10] She has good knowledge about literary, able to notice Fumino's mumbling as a part of Rashomon (a literary work).[11]

She also has a good understanding of a male-female relationship, capable of deducing Rizu's affection to Nariyuki[12] and knowing how to seduce a male.[13]


Sekijou's first appearance is in Question 12, where she asks Rizu about her relationship with Nariyuki. Although denied by Rizu, Seki is suspicious and followed her back home. During her stay in the shop, she praises the udon's taste and confirms Rizu's affection towards Nariyuki.

  • In Question 13, she is in the same team with Nariyuki during PE class.
  • In Question 14, she is the first one who notices that Rizu is missing.
  • In Question 23, Rizu invites Sekijou to have a sleepover in her house.
  • In Question 29, Sekijou is seen crying watching a romantic movie.
  • In Question 36, Sekijou got a text from Rizu and goes to her home to check on her.



  • Different from other close friends of main characters, her class is not revealed yet.
  • She admires Rizu since middle school. She can do anything on Rizu, including sneaking photos.
  • She enrolled in Ichinose Academy because she wants to be classmates with Rizu.
  • She wants to attain a science university with Rizu.
  • She is often unaware of exposing clothes, and sometimes puts off clothes near to Nariyuki.
  • She calls Nariyuki and Rizu by full names.


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