Sawako has many supporters and friends, but it seems there's one person she doesn't understand the feeling that they give her.

Nariyuki Yuiga

According to Nariyuki, Sawako is the first girl to be attracted by him, although that is actually her teasing him.[1] Nariyuki is seen disappointed after knowing that Sawako isn't actually aiming for him.[2]

Sawako labels Nariyuki as someone too generous.[3]

She often overreacts on the relationship between Nariyuki and Rizu.

She has a relatively good relationship with Nariyuki from other friends of main characters.

Rizu Ogata

Nariyuki comments that Sawako is caring towards Rizu.[4] She is the first one to notice Rizu missing during the school trip in Question 14.[5]

Sawako is very obsessed with Rizu. She is seen stalking[6] and sneaking photos of her on various occasions.[7]

After she found out that Rizu fell in love with Nariyuki, she deliberately has often tried to match Nariyuki and Rizu heavily.

Fumino Furuhashi

Sawako is acquainted with Fumino and has a good relationship.

They sometimes contact each other freely.

Uruka Takemoto

Uruka calls her Sawa-chin.[8]


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