Second Term is the 4th arc in the We Never Learn manga series.


The Genius feels depressed about the season’s transition and the appearance of [X]

The genius sometimes strives towards investigating an ignorant

Sometimes, The Nearby [X] Makes Swift Progress

The Predecessor's Pride, Sometimes Goes Against [X]'s situation

They Expressed Words that Became [X] out of Fun

Sometimes, Fate Tempts The Predecessor Toward An Unopposable [X]

A Change In A Genius's Appearance Sometimes Blinds [X]

On a Wild Night, The Genius's Focus Sometimes May Not Be [X]

Sometimes, The Genius Struggles with a Limited [X]

The Predecessor’s [X] Sometimes Becomes His Devotion

They Cannot Understand The Aspiration of The [X] in Front of Them

The Best Friend Describes The Genius, Namely [X]

Recalling that Appearance is all That's Left of The [X]'s Dream

Story Impact

Characters Introduced





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