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Uruka Takemoto (武元うるか, Takemoto Uruka?) is one of the main heroines of the We Never Learn manga series.


Uruka is a 3rd-year student who has short pink hair with violet eyes. She is tanned and has a long ahoge on top of her head. She sometimes ties her hair back on a few occasions.

She wears a school uniform with folded sleeves and wears no socks under her school shoes. When she goes swimming, she wears a white school team swimsuit.


Uruka is an athletic girl and excellent in sports, especially swimming. However, she is appalling in all academic subjects, and very reluctant to study. Once she is studying difficult topics, she burns out easily.

She has been in love with Nariyuki since middle school and is willing to study English when Nariyuki helps her to meet admission requirements for English for the Otowa Sports University. She became more hardworking after she got an exchange offer from Otowa Sports University to study in Australia, provided that she can score over 80% in English in the admission test.

She is friendly and has good relationships with all of the main characters. She expresses her likes and dislikes very easily, often makes Nariyuki unready to understand.

She is good at housework, but she does not tell that to Nariyuki and the other classmates.



  • Uruka's surname Takemoto means "military, martial" (武) (take) and "beginning, former time, origin" (元) (moto).


  • Uruka knew Nariyuki, Haruma Kobayashi, Ayuko Kawase and Chinami Umihara since middle school.
  • Uruka is the only heroine to confess her feelings to Yuiga in the main route of the story before the separate endings.
  • Uruka was once afraid of swimming in the early periods of middle school.
  • Uruka enrolled in Ichinose Academy by the principal's recommendation.
  • Uruka's performance in other subjects is never revealed in 3rd-year tests.
  • Uruka calls classmates by names with special endings, and "Nariyuki" for Nakiyuki.
  • Uruka is good at cooking.
  • Uruka can swim in any site, even in a hot spring.
  • Uruka is the only main character who has no significant conflicts with Mafuyu.
  • Uruka is the second girl to kiss Nariyuki. Though she thought it was how people commonly greeted each other overseas when it is actually supposed to be on the cheek.
  • Uruka likes dogs.
  • Uruka hates studying and loves to do karaoke.
  • Uruka is one of the 2 heroines along with Kominami that are able to achieve her goal, the goal is being fluent at English to be able to get recommended in a foreign university.
  • Uruka's route is the first "ending" to the series, with the other girl's routes acting as "alternate timelines", diverging from previously depicted events to various degrees. However, according to the author[1], they are all equally valid, with no single route being more legitimate than the others, leaving it up to the reader to decide which is the true ending.