Uruka has gained many supporters and friends through her swimming activities and outside of it, with still being a maiden at heart.

Nariyuki Yuiga

Uruka knows Nakiyuki from middle school.

Different from other main characters, Uruka has a good relationship with Nariyuki since the beginning.

She first noticed Nariyuki because of his serious behavior, and fell in love with him in middle school. Although she expresses feelings easily, she is difficult to express her love to Nariyuki, somewhat maiden-like in mind.

She has delusions of love with Nariyuki and sometimes overacts to him. Because of this, she often misunderstands Nariyuki and other main characters.

She has significant progress with Nariyuki after the trespass of middle school. She is happy when Nariyuki calls her "Uruka" instead of "Takemoto".

She may lie when she has dilemmas, especially between relationships with Nariyuki and the opportunity to study sports in Australia.

Rizu Ogata

She knows Rizu from when she was assigned to study English with Nariyuki.

Because of Rizu's distant character, the relationship is not so close out of school.

Fumino Furuhashi

She knows Fumino from when she was assigned to study English with Nariyuki.

Relationship between her and Fumino is closer than Rizu and she sometimes talks with Fumino outside school.

Mafuyu Kirisu

She is the only main character who does not have any significant conflicts with Mafuyu.

Asumi Kominami

Kawase and Umihara

She, Kawase and Umihara were members of the swimming club in middle school, and are in the same class in high school.

They have a very close relationship with each other and often participate together. Both Kawase and Umihara encourage Uruka to have a closer relationship with Nariyuki.

Kobayashi Haruma

She knows Kobayashi from middle school.

She has a less close relationship with Kobayashi, compared with Nariyuki, Kawase, and Umihara.

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